The Challenges of an Operations Director


If everything at work was straightforward and easy, you wouldn't need managers and everything would simply happen. So I take comfort in the fact that in my role as Operations Director, I face daily challenges. I embrace them as opportunities to improve, to understand why they come about, find solutions that mean we not only get the outcome we need, but put steps in place to ensure that we at Building Blocks prevent the same issue happening again.

One thing I'm certain of is that I face no different challenges to Operations Directors in other Digital Agencies and likely in other types of businesses to.

Whilst I profess that I’m not an author of a bestselling book on how to be the greatest Operations Director of all time, (I'll let you know when I have that accolade under my belt), I’d like to think that sharing the experiences faced dealing with some of the challenges of managing the operations at Building Blocks will mean something to someone, somewhere.

With that in mind, I'll be writing a series of blog posts in ‘The challenges of an Operations Director’ to share my experiences, learnings and insights. Take from them what you will, let me know if any of it is useful to you or whether you have overcome the same challenges in different ways, or just read them for their general wit and humour.

Either way I hope you enjoy the series!

Any questions?

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