Understanding the Vision for your Intranet

When we work with a client on the development of their intranet solution, one of the first elements we work to understand is the vision for the project, as this is the key to defining the strategy.  This vision and roadmap are the key outcomes from our initial discovery phase, and the purpose of the vision is to provide clarity for the strategy and promote the development roadmap.

Below are some of the consistent elements that we see when creating the vision for a large corporate or global intranet. These elements are usually generated as part of the outcomes from the initial discovery and stakeholder workshops, and we will use the outcomes of these discussion points when developing the strategy further into a more direct and concise set of actions and activities.

The vision

“Provide an environment to centrally manage consistent and timely internal communications, while achieving company-wide cost savings.”

When broken down, for a global organisation this equates to:

  • A single global platform - one intranet to support ‘one business’
  • Enable personalised and collaborative content
  • To engage, empower and effectively deliver comms messaging 
  • Providing simultaneous, clear communications in multiple languages

Once the vision/requirements have been gathered, we work collaboratively to define what these mean in real terms to the project, by converting them into deliverables and activities that can then be taken forward.

The deliverables

Using the above vision, the deliverables can be defined as:

  • Supporting the implementation of business change
  • Global delivery of strategic communication campaigns
  • Collaboration for cross-regional engagement (discussion forums, workspaces etc.)
  • Improve employee engagement – each employee has their own customisable page
  • A consistent design – one look and feel for all pages globally
  • Single location to access key messages – same information at the same time
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Cut costs, such as translation services and resources

Deliverables expanded

  • Create a Business vision
    Strategic, editorial, ergonomic and technical recommendations for development and evolution of the intranet.
  • Brand Consistent Experience
    Improve perception with visitors.
  • Integration
    Be part of the Group’s overall strategy.
  • Scalable / future proof
    Establish a set of guidelines to ensure the quality of the user experience in future developments.
  • Establish Control
    Support the implementation of the Governance process (strategy, objectives, KPIs).
  • Optimisation and continuous improvement
    Guidance and ongoing support around the prioritisation of strategic versus tactical requirements.

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