Away From The Keyboard

Last Thursday, Building Blocks held its first Away From The Keyboard day. It was a fantastic day and thanks to everyone that came down. This is a bit of a summary with some pictures from the day.

We got just about 30 of Building Blocks' finest down to HacMan HacMan (Hackspace Manchester) in association with Manchester Digital Laboratory

We have been trying out innovation days where we work on whatever we want (within reason) for one day a month. This was an extension of that to a full day away from the keyboard generating some ideas for a crazy, secret (well sort of) project.

I was responsible for organising the day and decided some talks to kick off would go down well. We had fantastic talks from:

OK so I used some artistic licence in the titles of the talks here, but they were really good. Here's Mark and Andy Todd doing their stuff:

After the talks I briefed everyone on what we were going to be doing that day. The aim was to come up with an idea for an interactive project using the Building Blocks front entrance. We split into random teams and got to work.

The constraints were: a modest budget, must be an installation/physical, maybe have a web interface.

The deliverables were a 2 minute pitch at the end of the day delivered by one or more team members.

Building Blocks

After a good few hours work and a nice break for lunch at Home Sweet Home (who managed to accomodate everyone at very short notice) each team pitched their idea to a captive audience.

Here's a few of the teams pitching their ideas!

Mark Simpson pitching Team 3's idea

Mike and Nicola with Yeti Balls

Welshy pitching

Jess and John pitch Block Rock 'n Beats

David Troy, Chris Morgan, Richie Coss and Andrew Iddon pitching

Then we had a bit of democracy to decide on a winner, which I can't tell you about here..


Now all we need to do is build the thing...

I can't wait for the next one and hope it will be even bigger and better!

Special thanks to John Saunders, Jayne Edwards, James Simm, Mark Cooper, Andy Todd, Adam Seabridge, Paul Welsh, Andrew Butterworth, Damien Stewart and of course the sponsors - Jonathan Whiteside and Andrew Iddon.

Any questions?

If you need more information or have any questions just get in touch and we'd be happy to answer them for you.