June 2014 Innovation Day

The end of June saw us get back in the swing of things with Innovation Day at Building Blocks. We've had a a few months off because of all the bank holidays.

Group Mobile Project

For those guys who work better in a group rather than individually we decided to set up a secret internal mobile project where people have split of into groups to develop a native mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows. We've also got a breakaway group developing using PhoneGap too. It's really interesting to see the speed of development for each technology and it seems to have turned into a competition between each team to see who will finish their application first. Hopefully I can share more details on this idea soon.

SDL Tridion Subscription Framework

Chris, Nick and Joe over in San Francisco are working on an SDL Tridion Subscription Framework. The idea is that users can subscribe to components, and be notified via e-mail when those components have new versions created. It's in the early stages but could be a really useful addon.

BB Sign

BB Logo

For those who live in Manchester, you may have seen our shiny new BB logo lighting up the skies? Well, the next stage with that is to be able to programmatically control the lights from a web application. Charlie is on the case with this one.

Computer Games Development with Unity

June Innovation Day

Chris Haslam is another guy alongside John Askew who is interested in computer games development and used his Innovation Day to learn about Unity which is a game engine that allows you to develop cross-platform games for desktop, consoles and mobile devices.

Peek Icon Pack for Android

Peek Icon Pack

Jack the design graduate has got a very successful Icon Pack that he has developed for Android and has used his Innovation Day to extend this highly rated pack. I think there's an Android developer hidden in there somewhere!


Pretty much every day is Innovation Day for our new Graduate Developer Tim but on his first Innovation Day with us he concentrated on Node.js and how we can use it to deliver the data to the group mobile application.

It's great to get the momentum back with this as well getting all the new employees involved in the day too.


Any questions?

If you need more information or have any questions just get in touch and we'd be happy to answer them for you.