June Innovation Day

June's Innovation Day saw some cool ideas coming together as well as quite a bit of personal development in researching new technologies. Here's what some of the guys got up to:

Media Query Combiner

Welshy and Cashmore put their massive minds together to create a proof of concept to take matching media queries, merge them and then append them a central CSS file using Grunt. There will be a separate blog post to follow on this one.

Netduino Web Controller


John A had a play around with his Netduino and created a web application that sends commands in the form of (pin + state). When it receives a command that can be parsed it changes the pin and sends a http response.

Future plans are to set up specialised functions that drive pin related hardware to be triggered remotely.

Automated Wordpress Deployments

Jon and Jim have now made updates to code for our Wordpress websites fully automated through TeamCity and the blog posts are now deployed using RAMP too.

JavaScript Frameworks

Rick researched AngularJS and other JavaScript frameworks to see how we might be able to use these in our future projects as web application development now starts to move towards the single page application approach.

Template Builder GUI Extension

After Rob's successful Code Mirror GUI Extension he's now working on a POC that allows you to edit Templates within Tridion without having to open up Template Builder to do it. Another great extension in the making.


Any questions?

If you need more information or have any questions just get in touch and we'd be happy to answer them for you.