New Telligent Features Announced At The Big Social

This is my second post from the Big Social in Dallas.

Yesterday’s opening Keynotes were from Telligent CEO Patrick Brandt and CTO Rob Howard. In Rob’s Keynote he announced (and demo’d) some fantastic new features in the pipeline for Telligent over the coming months.

I'm going to cover these features in brief in this post, provide my thoughts on how

these updates might help you and the opportunities they provide.

Facebook Connect For Telligent

  • An application that sits inside Facebook and interacts with Telligent Community.
  • Brings community content into Facebook.
  • Allows new content to be created in Facebook that displays in both Facebook and Telligent Community (e.g. comments and new forum posts).
  • Seamlessly integrated into the Facebook interface.

Telligent Analytics 4.0

  • A new API for Telligent Analytics to allow reports to be accessed anywhere securely.
  • Analytics widgets that can be used in Community to display reports and graphs.
  • Permissions that can be set to show/hide data from specific users and groups.

Document Preview & Editing In Community

  • Previews of documents right in Telligent Community.
  • Viewing and editing of the document (Word, PowerPoint etc) .
  • Commenting on documents may also be supported soon.

Windows Azure Support

Telligent are building in support for hosting Telligent Community in the cloud with Windows Azure. This is a great new development to provide instant scalability for customers and reduce any infrastructure headaches with getting a community up and running.

Remote Widget Studio

  • Embedding of any widget from Telligent Community into other Websites and applications.
  • Right-once (in widget studio) and re-use as many times as you like anywhere.
  • Simple MVC razor style code for embedding widgets, like so: @Html.Evolution...

FAST Search Support

  • Integrated Microsoft FAST support out-of-the-box.
  • Replaces the standard SOLR search provider.

For me the most exciting of these new features is the Remote Scripted Widgets, widgets that allow you to put any content from Telligent into other applications. Our clients have wanted this functionality for a long time and it will allow them to integrate community elements into websites that are created using other systems or published from CMS’s like Tridion. This means community content will no longer be segregated and instead will allow the creation of a fully integrated social experience in websites.

The Facebook Connector is really powerful as it will allow you to engage with your customers on Facebook and your Community and enable conversations to continue on either platform, regardless of where they begin. I am really looking forward to getting hands-on with this and seeing the full capabilities of the Connector.

For those of you using Sharepoint and Telligent Community the integration of FAST could really make the search across Community and SharePoint content a fully integrated experience.

Lastly the Analytics API and widgets that are in the pipeline mean that you can embed user specific data into groups and therefore control which users see what. This means you don’t need to give users direct access into Telligent Analytics providing a much tighter level of control over your data and reports.

All in all Telligent have announced some really cool new features this week that I feel will make Telligent Community 6.0 an even more powerful and integrated platform. If you haven’t started looking at an upgrade yet then I urge you to start thinking about it now so you can begin using some of the new functionality when it becomes available.

If you have any questions about any of this then please feel free to ask.

Stay tuned for more posts this week over the course of The Big Social.


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