The BB Diaries: Aishah, Graduate Content editor

I joined Building Blocks on a Graduate Placement Scheme, having graduated from University with a 2:1 degree in Film and Media Studies a couple of years ago. Since then,  I have been interning and working in various career fields. I can easily say that my experiences with meeting new people where my skills are critiqued at face value have abolished almost all traces of shyness upon meeting strangers.

Or so I thought.

As far as initial experiences at work go, my first day at Building Blocks was quite conventional. Nonetheless, it was still incredibly nerve wracking and had me feeling daunted by my surroundings.

I was taken on a tour of the office to be introduced to everyone and as I was shaking everyone's hands, learning their names and their roles in the company, all that seemed to race through my mind was:

"Remember to smile. Wait, what did they just say? Is my handshake too weak? I should have practiced. Am I smiling too much? Wait, that was a grimace. Oh snap, I missed their name! Do I speak? I have cramp in my leg. Oh, God."

What I did learn from my first day, and onwards, is that my insecurity and nervousness  had no place at Building Blocks. The team is very accepting and certainly do not demand that you become a perfect robot without flaws. If anything, the encouragement and easy going nature is incredibly nurturing and stimulates self confidence.

Three months in...

By the third month of my placement at Building Blocks, I felt more confident and secure in my abilities. I found it infinitely easier to articulate myself, any issues I was facing and all the questions I had about how things worked. The Digital Operations Services team are extremely welcoming and answer all my questions on everything I'm working on, or curious questions about what they're doing.

As a Content Editor I manage web content and information for our clients, often inputting and managing information using Tridion content management system. Having managed websites previously and implemented content online before, I found it easy to adapt to utilising Tridion and, indeed, to the role of a Content Editor.

I often use html to perfect the little pieces to make the aesthetics of the pages more streamlined and visually acceptable, as well as making sure things are in working order. I've learnt how to place myself out of my comfort zone and try new things; I'm more confident in my developing coding skills and I find it easier to approach deadlines quickly and execute tasks efficiently and smoothly.

I have learnt that I thrive on tasks that require intense concentration and work that is under a tight deadline. I'm not saying that I could work in a specialist police force unit, I just work well under pressure.

Working under pressure in a role that requires being fast-paced, and having to think on your feet to find solutions is both exhilarating and frightening, I find that I'm excited to start my day at work regardless of what's in store for me when I arrive at the office.

The best bits

What I enjoy the most about working at Building Blocks is that I don't feel the need to smother or alter my personality to fit an ideal. My personality is accepted and I don't feel that I have to fit a certain "stereotype" of someone who works in digital. I'm encouraged to thrive both as an individual as well as a Content Editor.

I also enjoy the fact that each day when I arrive at work I am doing something completely different. For the most part, the routine and method in which I complete each task is the same, but the task itself is always different. 

My experience of working at Building Blocks so far has helped me understand the technical industry a lot more. I've furthered my knowledge of how different digital platforms work and, more importantly, the business ethic and understanding required to develop a functioning team that produces results.

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Any questions?

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