We’ve Moved! Building Blocks San Francisco has a New Home

Building Blocks San Francisco are on the move again. Just 10 months after our last move, we needed to look  for more space again!

Moving a company, big or small, is a huge undertaking and needs some careful consideration. All kinds of factors come into the decision.

So, we compiled a list of what was important to us:

  • Location – We wanted to stay in downtown San Francisco

  • Space – We need space to grow, but we don’t want to pay for space we don’t need

  • IT infrastructure – We rely less and less on physical onsite servers, instead preferring the Cloud, but we need the option should we need it

  • Office amenities – We need to print, fax (yes, sometimes we still need to fax), scan, have access to conference rooms, and, most importantly, a rock solid internet connection

  • Office accessibility – Everything from opening hours to disabled access

  • Local amenities – Office life is more than just desks, laptops and conference calls; we wanted to be in a vibrant neighborhood to promote a healthy work / life balance

  • Transportation links – The current team all live within walking distance of downtown San Francisco, but future colleagues may arrive by bike, car, bus or train. Then what about our customers, visiting Building Blocks colleagues and partners? They could be visiting from further afield by plane

  • Ability to change – In a growing company we need the agility to change (and quickly). Our new home had to facilitate this.

Next, we took this list and started comparing our requirements to what was available. I won’t lie, at first it was tough going!

After a few brainstorming sessions, and being in the land of the Start-up San Francisco, we decided to embrace a start-up mentality. We started looking at “Office Space as a Service” options.

Now Building Blocks is not a start-up; we have been successfully delivering digital solutions since 2007. However, having to move 5 times in the UK since we started has taught us to look for space that can adapt as our needs do. When we looked at these office options, we found that the new breed of San Francisco “technology incubators” ticked all of our boxes. They would allow us to remain very agile as a organization, offering low overhead and, most importantly, the ability to change and adapt quickly.

After viewing several incubators in San Francisco, we settled on RocketSpace as the perfect business partner to help Building Blocks grow into the US market.

RocketSpace, in addition to ticking all of our requirements, also provides some great extras:

  • Vibrant technology community - we are surrounded by like-minded, technology-focused companies. The available 6000sq/ft event space hosts several talks and meetups per week, and we look forward to participating


  • High-speed internet - like most techies, high on my to do list was a speedtest.net visit. 800mb/s up and down should be enough.

  • Weekly happy hours - Wednesday’s and Friday’s RocketSpace host a social happy hour, giving us all a chance to network and unwind.

  • Foosball - I’m not a foosball pro, I’ve probably only played once or twice before, but I can see a bit of a friendly competitive foosball league starting soon.

Here’s to a successful future in our new home in San Francisco!

Any questions?

If you need more information or have any questions just get in touch and we'd be happy to answer them for you.