Free Whitepaper: How to approach digital localisation


Building Blocks has launched its latest free whitepaper. Local Content Global Control: How to Approach Digital Localisation is an actionable guide to help enterprise organisations plan their digital globalisation and localisation strategy.

The first in a series of three localisation whitepapers, Local Content Global Control includes:

  • Five key questions to gauge how localised your organisation currently is.
  • Advice on how to define your approach and when to start localising.
  • Key areas for consideration around the four foundational pillars – People, Process, Platform and Performance.
  • Centralised, Decentralised and External global content management approaches.
  • Assembling the right team and outsourcing options.
  • Processes and workflows.
  • CMS considerations.
  • Analytics reporting, optimisation and testing.

In our second localisation whitepaper, due for publication in the autumn, we’ll discuss specific design, content and SEO considerations for multi-language, multi-market websites.

Download your free Localisation whitepaper today!


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