A Community United

When I started out with Tridion back in April 2008, suggesting that we should “Google” a Tridion problem would result in fits of laughter from colleagues. How times have changed!

Back in 2008, when faced with a Tridion question, I had a few options:

  • Ask colleagues – Great advice, but a limited pool of experience

  • Read the documentation – A great source of information, but not detailed enough for every situation

  • Consult the “official” Tridion Forum – An active user group, but closed to the public and difficult to search

  • Tridion Support – Open a ticket and ask an expert, but again closed to the public

All of these resources were (and still are) great tools to find the answers I needed, but it was not a community working together.

Now, fast forward a few years and try the same Google searches today. The searches that once returned no results, now return information on almost every topic.

Google Tridion

Where has all this information come from?

The abundance of information is largely thanks to the Tridion community; the consultants, developers, analysts, marketers and more, who share their expertise with the world. The community shares its experiences and best practices, so that together, we can develop new and innovative ways to streamline old problems and overcome new ones. Many of ideas born in the community are the makings of future product enhancements. For example, I hope one day to see Rob's Syntax Highlighter bundled with Tridion, rather than a custom bolt-on.

What’s Next?

The stockpile of information already in the public domain is only the beginning. We, as a community, are on the brink of an exciting new chapter with the recently accepted (into public beta at least) dedicated Tridion Q & A platform hosted by StackExchange.

This will give us all (first timers and seasoned veterans) the chance to ask our Tridion conundrums and utilize the wealth of knowledge and experience in our community.

Tridion Stack Exchange

Getting Involved

How can you get involved? How can you help? Well, firstly, join the beta and join the fun! Secondly, participate; ask questions, vote for your favorites and even better, answer a question or two. By participating, you will be helping the Tridion Q&A graduate from beta and become a reality.

Feel like doing more? Well, there is plenty to sink your teeth into:

  • From blogging about Tridion and your experiences, to starring as a guest speaking in a Tridion webinar or Podcast.

  • Tridion User Days are springing up more and more often and are a regular occurrence in the Benelux area.

  • There are numerous community projects focused around Tridion, which would love some extra brain power. A couple of notable projects you can donate some time and skill to are:

    • Tridion Power Tools - A project to re-implement the PowerTools from Tridion 2009 to be compatible with future releases of Tridion

    • DD4T (Dynamic Delivery For Tridion) – A project to integrate Tridion and the JAVA/Microsoft .Net MVC development approach

Who knows, you could even become a Tridion MVP.

Finally, a note to myself – contribute to Tridion Community projects in 2013!

Any questions?

If you need more information or have any questions just get in touch and we'd be happy to answer them for you.