Google Cloud Platform Developer Roadshow 2014

I went along to the Google Cloud Platform Developer Roadshow this week in the new offices of TechHub Manchester and was really impressed by what I saw.

I didn't know much about the Google Cloud offering but I certainly know a lot now. Brad Abrams the Product Manager at Google expertly guided us through the history of Google Cloud and all the technologies that Google have pioneered over the years.

What is really apparent is that these guys know exactly what they're talking about, they're experts in the field and don't want to charge the world for what they offer as they would rather let the products sell themselves by constantly innovating. Everything runs on the fully scalable Google Infrastructure connected by their worldwide fiber network.

A few of the technologies that stood out to me are:

Google BigQuery

The move towards the NoSQL approach for unstructured data is really gathering momentum and we're starting to see ourselves how fast you can make a complex application run by using this approach. Google offer analysis of this data through BigQuery to super-fast SQL like queries on terabytes of data.

Google App Engine

It seems App Engine has been around a while after speaking to some of the guys at the event but it has improved quite a lot. If you need the ability to launch applications or games quickly and reliably then App Engine is the place to start. Running these on fully managed Platform-as-a-service (Paas) solution allows you to be more productive and allows you to focus on the code you're writing and not worry about where it will be hosted and if that solution can scale. Java, Go and PHP are now supported languages as well as Python.

Google Compute Engine

Yes, they host VM's too. In the past it was just Linux VM's but they now support Windows too. All the data written is is encrypted which makes it compliant with all the usual standards.

Google Cloud Endpoints

Cloud Endpoints allow you to create RESTful services called from your web apps and mobile applications with built-in denial-of-service protection and OAuth 2.0 support . They are also available free of charge if your application is running on App Engine and Compute Engine.

Those are just a few of the products and the full list is here:

I think is going to kick start some really interesting competition between the cloud services providers which can only be a good thing for us.

Thanks to Brad Abrams, Mandy Waite and Laurence Moroney for doing some great demonstrations and thanks to TechHub Manchester for hosting too. I'm really looking forward to getting our Technical Team building on some of these great innovations.


Any questions?

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