New Features in SDL Tridion 2013

UPDATE 22nd March 2013: Click here to read Rob's detailed overview of the new features and updates in SDL Tridion 2013

At the MVP Retreat last week I managed to get a sneak preview of some of the new features in SDL Tridion 2013 and I've been given the go ahead to share them with the world (I may end up modifying the post once Nuno tell's me I've invented something):


Bundles allow content editors to package up all types of Tridion Items (Components, Multimedia Components, Pages etc) into one "Bundle" and then you could use that Bundle to enter those items into Workflow together and even publish them all together!

Roll Back Publishing

You can now undo a publish through the Core Service API so it will roll back to the previous version without having to revert back the page and all the components on the page, the undo will do all this for you!

Ad-hoc Workflow

Content editors now have the ability to create a task for another editor.

Improved Message Centre

The message centre has been improved, it looks a lot better and it now has actionable messages. I even spotted a little profile image for each user too.

External Content Library Connector

Don't forget about the External Content Library Connector I mentioned in my last post. This can give you the ability to connect SDL Tridion to SDL Media Manager but also to any other 3rd party system and view the data from that system within Tridion.

I'm sure more good things will come out in the coming months but these sneaky few features I've managed to see are some great additions, I'm sure you'll agree?

Any questions?

If you need more information or have any questions just get in touch and we'd be happy to answer them for you.