SDL Archive Manager 1.0 SP3 Released

I was really pleased to open my emails this week to see that SDL Archive Manager has been updated to be compatible with SDL Tridion 2013 SP1.

What was even better to read was that the archiving process has been decoupled from the content deployment process. This is an issue which has caused many problems and frustrations for organisations using Archive Manager in the past and is a big step forward. The archiving tasks are now performed independently (and asynchronously in the background) meaning that publishing performance is not impacted by the archiving process which is a great improvement.

What is SDL Archive Manager?

For those that don't know about SDL Archive Manager, it's a solution that allows you to store a historical record of your website. It tracks and maintains all changes made to your site and then allows CMS administrators to view what the website looked like at a certain point in time.

All a CMS admin needs to do is open up the Archive Manager Explorer website and enter the URL of a page on your website that you would like to view and the date and time of the point in time you want to know what it looked like on.

Once your page is found, you can also view the version of all the Content Manager items (content, images, video etc...) used to compose the Page and then click on the item to open it in the Content Manager Explorer.

The archiving even extends to profiling - so you can view the page as it was displayed to a specific user if your site has personalisation features.

Archive Manager works well for:

  • Organisations who have strong compliance needs and legally need to be able to prove what their website displayed at any point in time
  • Organisations who change their website very regularly and may want to analyse what messaging was used in the past to drive high conversions

The full documentation of the release is available online (login required):

Any questions?

If you need more information or have any questions just get in touch and we'd be happy to answer them for you.