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by Tom Simm
Published in SDL

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  • The Anatomy of a URL

    I often find that there are some misconceptions regarding the structure of a URL and want to produce a clear definition of a properly formatted URL along with an explanation of the constituent parts and the purpose they serve.

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  • Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Could Q&A work in the enterprise?

    "Computer. What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?" No, not that kind of Enterprise. I meant with a small "e", as in a large organisation. Anyway, moving swiftly on. StackExchange changed the internet for the better when it launched with StackOverflow back in 2008. It offers an open ...

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  • Content is King, but Taxonomy Rules the Kingdom

    I wanted to call this post something like “Content is King, but Taxonomy is Government.” However, after some thought, I decided bringing politics into the equation would make life more difficult. At SDL Innovate 2013, I attended Ian Truscott’s presentation on "content is King", and together with ...

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