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SDL Web 8.5 Developer Bootcamp

by Rob Stevenson-Leggett
Published in SDL

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  • To DD4T or Not to DD4T, That is the Question

    DD4T is a popular application framework choice with the SDL Tridion (soon to be SDL Web) platform. Why is it so popular, and is it right for you?

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  • DD4T: Continuous Integration

    Off the back of Rob’s post on the vision for collaboration within the DD4T framework, I thought I would write about progress on one of the key aspects -  continuous integration (CI).   Now that the DD4T project is hosted on GitHub and has a much smoother collaboration workflow with forking and pull ...

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  • DD4T: 'Losing Control' of the HTML

    The introduction of DD4T (also known as Dynamic Delivery for Tridion) to the SDL Tridion world was a great day for developers and release managers. It provided a friendly developer experience, abstracted from Tridion, and also allowed for better release to production processes.

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  • DD4T: Passing additional view data to Component Presentations

    In vanilla ASP.NET MVC, the RenderAction helper gives you a tool for passing route parameters to a child action in the form of the routeValues parameter. In DD4T, however, the RenderAction call is abstracted away behind the IComponentPresentationRenderer interface and the routeValues parameter ...

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  • SDL Tridion 2013 SP1 providers for DD4T

    Those using DD4T in a Tridion 2013 SP1 environment may find that the Content Delivery assemblies referenced by the latest DD4T Tridion providers aren't fully compatible with the latest Tridion JAR files. I had issues, in particular, when setting up Session Preview for Experience Manager.

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  • DD4T Web API

    For the latest Innovation Day I started to look into exposing DD4T information as an ASP.NET Web API. I was trying to create a standard way of exposing DD4T content through an API that requires as little customisation as possible.

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  • DD4T : Marking up your View Models

    Update 22/04/2013 The source code is now available here:

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  • Labels in Dynamic Delivery for Tridion (DD4T) using an IResourceProvider

    Many websites have text on them which is not classified as content. These are pieces of text that might be used throughout the site, not just in one place. For example, the place holders on form fields or the text of a button. In a normal ASP.NET project you might use App_GlobalResources to store ...

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  • Using Ninject with DD4T

    I have been using Dynamic Delivery for Tridion (DD4T) for a few months now and am planning on sharing a few things with the community on this blog over the coming weeks and months.

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