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SDL Web 8.5 Developer Bootcamp

by Rob Stevenson-Leggett
Published in SDL

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  • What's new with Sitecore commerce 8.2.1?

    Sitecore has laid the foundations of its commerce product strategy with the recently launched Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1. Optimised for enterprise and upper mid-market B2C/B2B customers, Sitecore Commerce is ideally for organisations who do not have advanced contract management requirements.

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  • BB's Key Highlights from SUGCON 2016

    Recently, a group of Building Blocks developers headed off to Copenhagen to take part in the Sitecore User Group Conference (SUGCON), an annual event predominantly aimed at developers,which offers the opportunity to learn and discuss Sitecore as a platform.

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  • Packaging Sitecore items to move them between environments

    Packaging items up in Sitecore is the easiest way to move things between environments. Often, there's an issue on a server that someone else is testing on, that has a bug related to the content on that server. Instead of creating the content yourself on your local or development server, it's much ...

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  • How to turn Sitecore 8 aliases into redirects

    Redirects are a  common feature that our clients request for many reasons, such as their URL structure changing or SEO requirements. Redirects are extremely handy to have, and even better when a non-technical user can create them without having to rely on IIS modifications.

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  • Creating a Custom Sitecore Field Validator in Twenty Minutes

    Whilst working on a number of Sitecore projects recently, I discovered that while there are a lot of articles published about the various aspects of the CMS, little has been written about creating a validator, so I thought I’d document what I did to help others in the future.

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  • Sitecore Technical User Group - London, March 2015

    Back in February, an invite for the first Sitecore Technical User Groups of 2015 dropped into my inbox. Although the Bristol and London locations were pretty far from the Building Blocks office here in Manchester, as soon as I spotted 'Sitecore on Azure: A real life example' on the agenda, I booked ...

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