Translation Manager and SDL Tridion

SDL Tridion is the benchmark when it comes to creating multi-lingual website solutions, and with the improved integration with SDL Translation technologies via SDL Translation Manager, it has never been easier.

Tridion Translation Manager

Here is a quick look at the steps involved to getting up and running.


Installing the Translation Manager connector is quick and painless, outlined in the documentation here [Login Required]. The basic steps are:

  1. Create the Translation Manager database
  2. Install Translation Manager via Tridion install wizard


Once installed, it is time to connect up, and configure, either SDL WorldServer or Translation Management System as the translation engine.

Within Tridion, you identify publications in one of two ways. Content publications become either a source publication (content which is to be sent for translation) or a target publication (where translated content will reside following translation).

Translation Manager Setup

How it works

Following configuration, content can then easily be sent for translation by creating Translation Jobs. Translation Jobs are created by selecting content (Pages, Components, Metadata, Keywords) that require translation, and selecting "translate" from "blueprinting" context menu.

Translation Job

For each job you can specify an optional required by date, as well as the target languages you would like included in the translation job. Once you are happy with the options, you can choose to save the translation job (sending it for translation later from the translation jobs report screen,) or immediately send for translation. At anytime, you can review translation progress, cancel, or resend a translation job from the Translation Jobs report screen.

Translation Jobs Report

When an item is sent for translation, it is automatically localized in the specified target publication and checked out. Then it work its way through the agreed translation workflow, and acceptance of the translation, before being returned to Tridion. Once back in Tridion the translated content is automatically checked in and ready to be published.


The Translation Manager connector, Tridion and an SDL language solution make creating global websites easy, with centralized management of translations, and easy distribution to multiple channels.

Next, I will explore integrating Translation with Tridion WorkFlow and Events system, for increased control and governance over content localization.

Any questions?

If you need more information or have any questions just get in touch and we'd be happy to answer them for you.