SDL Tridion MVP Retreat 2012 Review

I’ve just spent a fantastic 4 days with some incredibly talented individuals. The SDL Tridion MVP Retreat is for those people who have gone over and above their day jobs and have spent their own time contributing good quality content and help to the wider SDL Tridion community.

I arrived on the first day slightly daunted into a room of the best contributors to the SDL Tridion community around the world. As I started to look around to put faces to the names, it started to dawn on me how privileged I was to be a part of this group. All the guys were extremely welcoming and there was no need to be worried.

The first day saw Nuno, the man responsible for putting all this together, reviewing the MVP activity for the year and what the expectation was for the rest of the year and beyond.

Next up was Bart who did a great presentation of the External Content Library Connector for SDL Media Manager but also showed a really powerful way of using the same Connector code to hook into any other 3rd Party System. Something I think a lot of clients would be interested in.

On day 2 after drunkenly agreeing to it, Nuno stepped up again to show off the new features of SDL Tridion 2013 and there are some really neat things happening which I will cover in another post.

Ram was next up to present his experience in working with the Cache Channel as well as giving an interesting insight into the way his team works and how he gets his team to contribute to their internal community with the next step to get them contributing to the wider community.

The two ideas for the 2012 MVP projects were then pitched. The first one was a Reporting System that would log all configured Tridion Events and then use that data for reporting but also for Gamification. The second idea was to create a new pluggable Notification Framework for Workflow.

I put my hand up for the Reporting/Gamification system and alongside Ram we started to put together the foundations of the Badge/Challenge Engine. After a day and a half of coding on into the 3rd day, we new that we had a tough task in our hands but we have made a pretty good start.

The source code for both projects are available on Google Code and if any of these projects sound interesting to you and you want to help out then please do:

The retreat was a very well organised event (thanks in most part to Nuno and his family) and I’m very honoured to be a part of it.

It was great to hear positive feedback from the posts I have made as well as the great feedback that my fellow Building Blocks team members Rob, Rick, Dave, Jim and Chris have also received.

After an incredibly busy year this has given me the kick up the bum to get back to blogging and helping out the community but also inspired me to get as many people as possible to contribute to the community as they could one day be a part of this fantastic group too.



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